Past Events

Wednesday 6th November 2019

Wednesday 7th August 2019

A wonderful talk by Jane Stubbs about her new book and women’s Victorian clothing.

Wednesday 1st May 2019

Co-editor Ivan Wright came in to the library share some fascinating facts about the wonderful world of Shotover.

Wednesday 6th February 2019

Author Talk

Hidden Villages by local author Imogen Matthews was a well attended and very interesting talk.

Wednesday 7th November 2018

Poetry Reading

Paul Surman was in the library sharing some of his poems.

Saturday 19th-26th May 2018

Oxfordshire Artweeks

The Friends’ Art and Craft Groups took part in Oxfordshire Artweeks, showing a wide range of talents.

(photos coming soon)

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Local Music Talk

There was standing room only at Roger Simmonds’ talk:

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Historian Talk






Gregory Walker gave such an interesting talk about a diary that was written during the First World War in The Near East by Arnold Dauncey.  Arnold worked for the YMCA. The diary was found on a book stall in Oxford.

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Author Talk

Why is the Middle East in such disarray?   In his new book, The Poisoned Well: Empire and its Legacy in the Middle East, former BBC journalist Roger Hardy argues that its problems are rooted in the colonial era, when Britain and France ruled large parts of the region. In this talk he explained what led him to write the book, and discusses its main themes.

A well attended talk with standing room only!


Wednesday 1st February 2017

Author Talk

Local author Clare Abbott was here talking about her book “Faithful of Days” – the heroic deeds of a little known sea captain:

“In spite of failing all three sea trials, in late 1853 the SS San Francisco set off on her maiden voyage. She was carrying a US Army regiment from New York to California by way of Cape Horn and was heavily overloaded. Two days out, she had the misfortune to run into the worst storm of the century. Her engines failed and then an enormous wave swept over the decks, taking with it about 140 souls, the lifeboats and all the auxiliary sails, leaving her completely disabled.

Two ships found the SS San Francisco but sailed away and a third managed to rescue about a hundred people before the storm tore the two vessels apart. Then cholera struck.

All that stood between the survivors and almost certain death was Scotsman Robert Crighton, Captain of the Three Bells…”

Saturday 3rd December 2016


The Friends held a big sale of books, crafts and cakes in the library and raised over £440!

The money will be spent on books and other essential items for the library.







Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Author Talk

Local author and library volunteer Philip Gooden was in the library to talk about his new book at the November Coffee Morning.






Wednesday 19th October 2016

Oxfordshire Heritage Stories 19-Oct-2016Oxfordshire Heritage Stories

A fascinating talk from Wheatley Library Friend Viv Vernede about the myths of Oxford.






Friday 3rd June 2016

Tales from the River Bank

A fun hour of tales from Wind in the Willows, with Viv Vernede.


Saturday 14th May 2016

FoWL Craft Grup: Show of Work

A display of recent work by the members of the Friends’ Craft Group.












Friday 29th January 2016

The Making of the Weston Library

A fascinating talk by Toby Kirtley, Bodleian Libraries’ Estates and Projects Officer, who told us how £80 million was spent on transforming the New Bodleian in Broad Street into an award-winning centre for research and conservation.