About the Friends of Wheatley Library

In January 2015 Wheatley Library became a Community Plus library which saw the staffing levels reduced by a third. With this in mind the Friends of Wheatley Library (FOWL) was formed in early 2014 with the aim of supporting the remaining staff and coordinating a team of volunteers to
enable the library to stay open without a loss of service.

FOWL sees itself as an active partner of the library service, with a special role to play in:

  • developing closer links between the library and its existing and potential users in the community
  • working with village groups and organisations, and
  • helping to identify specific local needs for material and services.

With help from the County Council we now have a dedicated group of volunteers but we still need more people to volunteer.  We will also be looking at ways to raise funds for the library so please sign up for our newsletter to hear what’s happening at this wonderful library which is at the heart of our village and the wider community.